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Class Organization

Class Officers as of 01/07/2019
President Joseph Behler Green
Past President, 64Cares Jerold French Anderson
Past President Bernard Augustine Maguire
Past President William Henry Natter
Past President David Foster Tuma
Past President Robert NMN Sutton
Past President Thomas John Swartz
Executive Vice President Richard Charles Curley
Admin Vice-President David Gaynor Ahern
Secretary William Pierce Sargent
Treasurer David Allen Wagner
Director-at-Large Frederick William Dau
Director-at-Large Samuel Lloyd Davies
Company Rep Coordinator Bryce Anderson Thompson
San Diego Chapter Rep Maurice Russell Caskey
Tidewater County Rep Raymond Theodore Michelini
Corresponding Secretary Roland Paul Marquis
Communications Grant Dale Fulkerson
Webmaster Earle Scott Bushnell
Asst. Webmaster Steven Hurley Claassen
Reunion Committee Chair Joseph David Stewart
Chair, Class Gift Product John Edward Gorman
Center for Ethical Leadership Liaison Gordon Henry Clow
64Cares Chair James Braxton Craven
64Cares Conrad Charles Lautenbacher
Historian, 64Cares John Alexander Tweel
64Cares David Norman Tornberg
64Cares James Kirkland Tolbert

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Class Projects

Summary of the ALITC program:

The Another Link in the Chain program forms bonds and relationships between current midshipmen and members of the 50-year class counterpart throughout the four years on the Yard and beyond. The midshipmen are buoyed and encouraged by the physical presence and moral support of the senior Alumni, and members of the 50-year class counterpart enjoy working with the current midshipmen in their development of Navy and Marine officers.

Beginning in 2000, a formal program was established when the Class of 1950, in celebration of their 50th anniversary of graduation, presented gold Ensign/2nd Lt bars inscribed ’50-’00 to the newly commissioned officers of the Class of 2000. In the ten years of developing the program and the tradition, many events have been added to deepen the relationship between the Brigade of Midshipmen and the Alumni Class.

“Our participation in these events is a rare privilege. Every minute we spend with these great young people is a treasure,” declared Colonel Bill Hamel ’57, USMCR (Ret.), the Another Link in the Chain coordinator for his Class.

Forging Links in the Chain

Binding and bonding classes through the generations is critical to carrying on the history and traditions of the Naval Academy and its Alumni. From Induction Day to Commissioning and beyond, the 50-year counterpart Class becomes a part of the Naval Academy experience for the Brigade.  

A verse of “The Laws of the Navy” reads:

Upon one link in the cable,
Dependeth the might of the chain.
Who knows when thou mayest be tested,
So live that thou bearest the strain.

Ethics Book

Ethics Book on line

Since 1999, the Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership has organized an annual event, sponsored by the Class of 1964 and the Class of 1984. Members of the classes of '64 and '84 travel from around the world to spend time with midshipmen, discussing their experiences and ethical challenges in the fleet or in the business world. In addition, each member of the graduating class is personally presented with a copy of the book Ethics for the Junior Officer, produced by the Stockdale Center. The 2009 and following editions will be in Portable Document Format (PDF) and will be made available on the Stockdale Center website. In addition, recipients and other interested readers will be able to submit cases for consideration and inclusion in subsequent editions.

On the evenings of April 15-17, 2008 the Classes of 1964 and 1984 presented their class gift, the book Ethics for the Junior Officer, to each member of the Class of 2008; efforts for the distribution were coordinated by the Stockdale Center.  Each ceremony was conducted inside the Naval Academy’s Memorial Hall and lasted approximately one hour.  The evening began with addresses to the midshipmen by Colonel Arthur Athens, USMC (Ret.), Director of the Stockdale Center, and Captain Dave Tuma, USN (Ret.), President of the Class of 1964; the gentlemen covered the history behind the book, its significance and value to all junior officers in the fleet, and encouraged the midshipmen to become familiar with the book prior to graduation in order to be better equipped for the issues they would soon face following their commissioning.  Overall, the books were very well received by the midshipmen, and various members of the Classes of ’64 and ’84 were able to share some of their experiences with midshipmen on a more personal level.

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Class Chapters

US Map San Diego Tidewater

San Diego Regional Chapter of
The Association of the United States Naval Academy
Class of 1964

Name: San Diego Chapter (SD 64)

San Diego Regional Chapter, otherwise known as SD 64, was recognized by the USNA 64 Executive Committee (ExCom) at its 20 March 2012 following the 23 February 2012 organizing meeting of SD 64.

Purpose: Fellowship at the local level and information exchange between USNA 64 Board and SD 64.


Luncheon meetings are generally* held on the second Tuesday of odd numbered months.  These get-togethers have routinely been at the Admiral Baker club.

* Contact Bill Ulrich first to confirm the meeting time and place:

Regional Vice President:

Maurice Caskey was elected regional vice president at the 23 February 2012 meeting for an indefinite term by the 14 SD 64 members present.

Class Representative to USNAAA San Diego Chapter: Bob Glennon, phone (760) 730-3608

Membership:  About 35 classmates live in the San Diego area. Luncheon meetings generally see 15–20 classmates plus 5 or more wives (the female kind, not Bancroft Hall roommates). Bob Glennon; Bill Ulrich; Bob Bolger; Bob Easton; Bob Glennon; 'Bob Joyce; Bob Prath; Brian Collins; Cap Pinney; Charlie Plumb; Dan Glevy; Dave Wynne; Ed Mackenzie; Ev Pentz; Grady Perkins; Ira Price; Jay Eggers; Jeff Clough; Jerry Julian; Jim Gruenwald; Joe Ponder; Karl Kaeser; Larry Silver; Lou Milioti; Nick Press; Peyton Dobbins; Ray Snyder; Read Mecleary; Rich Belser; Richard Earnest; Roger Keithly; Russ Buckley; Steve Jones; Steve Saulnier; Terran Boyd; Terry Chamberlain; Walt Ericson; Yogi

Tidewater Virginia Regional Chapter of
The Association of the United States Naval Academy
Class of 1964

Name: Tidewater Chapter(TW 64)

Tidewater Virginia Regional Chapter, otherwise known as Tidewater Chapter or TW 64, was recognized by the USNA 64 Executive Committee ExCom) after the 11 November 2009 meeting of TW 64 members.

Purpose: Fellowship and information exchange between USNA 64 ExCom and TW 64.


Luncheon meetings are generally* held every other month on the second Tuesday of odd numbered months. 

These get-togethers are have routinely been at Frankie’s Place for Ribs, 5200 Fairfield Shopping Center, Virginia Beach.

* Contact Bill Carson first to confirm the meeting time and place:, 757-463-7479 (H), 757-463-6050 (W), 757-560-0678, or 921 Queen Elizabeth Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23452

Regional Vice President:

William (Bill) H. Carson II was elected president at the 11 November 2008 meeting for an indefinite term by the 14 TW 64 members present.

Data base: Bob Nichael (

Flower Fund: George Christian

Representative to USNAAA Hampton Roads Chapter: Ray Michelini

Membership:   Those attending to date have included:  Brian Arndt, Butch Ballback, George Christian, Butch Christie, Ward Clark, Jack Dantone, Dick Burke, Ernie Capola, Bart Corgnati, Jack Dambaugh, Jack Dantone, Bill Dell, Jim Doubles, Dennis Feuerbacher, Marcus Friedman, Waddy Garrett, Mike Gierman, David Gray, Thomas Green, Bob Hoffler, Don Hunter, Jeff Jeffries, Stu Johnson, Bruce Kastel, Jim Kraft, Mike Kenslow, Alex Krekich, Charlie Mann, Tom McFeeley, Ray Michelini, Steve Moore, Andy Murphy, Bob Nichael, Dick Robbins, Joe Saul, Bob Schick, Bill Shaughnessy, John Taylor.

Company Representatives

Company Reps as of 01/07/2019
1   James Raisbeck Maitland
1   Alexander Martin Phillips
2   Richard Lennox Burke
2   Anthony John Garcia
3   David NMN Lipscomb
3   Richard James Mahan
4   Andrew Joseph Murphy
5   Paul Herbert Fenton
5   Anthony Rogers Taylor
6   Michael Arthur Farmer
6   Michael Joseph Chumer
7   David Gaynor Ahern
7   Jerome Alan Welch
8   Frederick William Dau
8   Charles Robert Gates
9   Harold Denison Sisson
9   Gale Edward Treiber
10   John Robert Fitzgerald
10   Hugh Josias Risseeuw
11   Frank Hilty Hiestand
11   Philip Albert Boyer
12   Robert Joseph Cepek
13   Joseph Francis Hillery Neal
13   Michael Jay Kenslow
14   Charles Lee Wilde
14   David Lee Lapham
15   John Alexander Tweel
15   Bruce Kidd Terwilliger
16   Thomas Joseph Barnett
16   Dennis Alexander Pignotti
17   Martin Joel Block
18   Thomas Charles Elsasser
18   Edwin Eugene Schoenberger
19   James Kirkland Tolbert
19   Thomas Strickland Baer
20   Bryce Anderson Thompson
20   Charles Maples Heath
20   Robert George Schick
21   Robert Harold Nichael
21   Arthur Hugh Collier
22   Kenneth Benton Middleton
22   David Wesley Gould
23   Grant Dale Fulkerson
24   Paul Reed Fletcher
24   David Jay Carey

Reunion Committee

Bushnell, Earle  Scott

2206 Black Hawk St, Clermont, FL, USA, 34714

PHONE:  (352) 227-4341

CELL: (904) 545-5108


USNA CO:  22


YB Pic


Caskey, Maurice  Russell

14430 Callejon Musica, San Diego, CA, USA, 92129

PHONE:  (858) 484-3715

CELL: (858) 735-9349

FAX: (858) 484-2737

USNA CO:  14


YB Pic


Davies, Samuel  Lloyd

215 Cardamon Drive, Edgewater, MD, USA, 21037-1131

PHONE:  (410) 266-5163





YB Pic


Farmer, Michael  Arthur

142 Prince George Street, Annapolis, MD, USA, 21401-1723

PHONE:  410 263-2573

CELL: 443 480-5882




YB Pic
Memorabilia and memorial Service


Fletcher, Paul  Reed

23395 Esperanza Circle, Lexington Park, MD, USA, 20653-2130

PHONE:  (301) 863-9026

CELL: 240-298-0273


USNA CO:  24


YB Pic


Gorman, John  Edward

12010 Edgestone Road, Dallas, TX, USA, 75230

PHONE:  (972) 788-4353

CELL: (214) 384-8181

FAX: (972) 788-4401

USNA CO:  24


YB Pic
Class Project


Green, Joseph  Behler

18 Bancroft Ave, Annapolis, MD, USA, 21403

PHONE:  (410) 295-1678

CELL: (201) 906-2207

FAX: (410) 295-1678

USNA CO:  23


YB Pic


Henry, Russell  Kenneth

198 Acton Road, Annapolis, MD, USA, 21403

PHONE:  (410) 216-9336

CELL: (443) 994-5408




YB Pic


Newell, Robert  Bruce

44858 Joy Chapel Rd, Hollywood, MD, USA, 20636

PHONE:  (301) 373-3799





YB Pic


Phillips, Alexander  Martin

204 Providence Road, Annapolis, MD, USA, 21409

PHONE:  (410) 757-3098

CELL: (410) 991-1545




YB Pic
Tailgate Chair


Thompson, Bryce  Anderson

1450 Emerson Ave #201, McLean, VA, USA, 22101-5748

PHONE:  (703) 448-1106

CELL: (301) 509-8325


USNA CO:  20


YB Pic


Tweel, John  Alexander

4100 Sanders Lane, Catharpin, VA, USA, 20143

PHONE:  (703) 753-7725

CELL: (703) 966-1608


USNA CO:  15


YB Pic


Wagner, David  Allen

3 North Hilltop road, Catonsville, MD, USA, 21228-4818

PHONE:  (410) 788-3136

CELL: (410) 746-7754

FAX: (410) 788-6912



YB Pic


Class History

Fifty Years of The Great Class of 1964

On a warm summer day in July 1960, 1,244 young men met in the Yard of the U.S. Naval Academy to begin an adventure which defines our lives to this day.  Each member of The Great Class of 1964 still vividly remembers events of that summer as though they happened a few days ago. The heat of Plebe Summer morphed into the rigors of Plebe Year. We were the last class that stenciled white works and marched to class until the second semester. 

While we were at the Academy, the nation was changing:  Soviet missiles were in Cuba, the wall went up in Berlin and trouble was brewing in Southeast Asia.  We marched for President Kennedy’s inaugural and then participated in his funeral procession. Thermodynamics and ballistic theory were added to the curriculum, while boilers and five inch guns were removed.  We were among the first midshipmen able to take electives.  We had the first Trident Scholars. 

We were fortunate to stay in our original companies for four years.  We were in Philadelphia to watch the “Drive for Five” effort achieve another victory over Army.  The soccer team beat Army to advance to the national championship game, and the lacrosse team defeated Army to win its fifth consecutive national championship.

We graduated 945 midshipmen on June 3, 1964. As we headed to our assigned duty stations with the excitement of graduation behind us, a new reality hit us: Vietnam!  Aviators, Seals and Marines paid the biggest price during those difficult years, but no one went unscathed. Twenty-nine classmates lost their lives in operational incidents, many combat related. Ten names from '64 are inscribed on the wall at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.  Five more classmates were POWs, some for more than 5 years.  Our lives were profoundly affected both by the war and the associated National turmoil.  

Later, new careers began, families formed, and children grew.  We came together once again at the ten-year point for the first of many successful class reunions.

The seventies presented challenges for those on active duty: hostages in foreign lands, disturbingly low reenlistments, the issue of women in combat, and reduced DOD funding.  President Reagan reenergized America’s spirit in the eighties.  At the same time, '64’s spirit renewed itself as interest in class activities increased.  Our hugely successful 20th Reunion was capped by a moving memorial service for our lost classmates.

The 25th Reunion proved to be more successful than the 20th, and we held our first Class election and business meeting since graduation. During the business meeting, we realized that a previously established Memorial Scholarship Fund for children of our deceased classmates was poorly funded and the children were entering college.  After a lively discussion, one classmate challenged the class to match his significant contribution.  Many checks came forth to meet the challenge; the Fund suddenly had a solid start. It may have been our finest hour. Ultimately, tuition grants were provided to 26 children of deceased classmates.

At the 25th Reunion, members of the class decided it was time to support a project that benefited Midshipmen. After much deliberation, we overwhelmingly supported the idea of promoting USNA ethics and leadership. Working with the USNA staff, we adopted the idea of a book based on case studies stressing ethical behavior for junior officers.  The Class of 1994 was the first to receive our book, Ethics for the Junior Officer, which is now available online.

The reaction to the book project was so positive that a dinner was held from 1994 until 2006, at which we presented the book to the graduating classes. VADM James Stockdale was the guest speaker at the first ethics dinner.

During the mid-nineties, Commander Lanny King, the first Prospective Commanding Officer of the USS Carney (DDG-64), approached us about supporting Carney.  Sadly, Commander King passed away before the ship was commissioned. Subsequently, we established an Annual Lanny King Memorial Leadership Award for the outstanding Carney junior officer.

As the 90’s drew to a close, we pondered a major gift to USNA for our 40th Reunion.  We helped fund the Center for the Study of Professional Military Ethics, established in 1998, largely dependent on private funding. The Center proved to be a tremendous resource for USNA. 

In 2004, we honored our deceased classmates in a joint memorial service at Arlington Cemetery along with the Military Academy Class of 1964.  We will repeat that ceremony every five years. Also, the ’64 Cares program has been established to take care of our own classmates who have health concerns.

We can look with pride at our accomplishments as a Class. Twenty-two classmates assumed flag rank including one Commandant of the Marine Corps, several rose to executive positions in the government including one Ambassador to China and one Secretary of the Navy.   More became leaders in the business world.  One became an astronaut, and we had a general who became an admiral.  We had one USNA Superintendent, two Commandants of Midshipmen and two Distinguished Graduates (DGA 2009 and 2010).  Others became doctors, attorneys, educators, and authors. Many became spiritual leaders. Each classmate is a link in the chain upon which the strength of The Great Class of ’64 depends.  We freely offered the strength of our Class, the thread of support for ethics, and our years of experience to the Class of 2014.


Reserved for future use

Class Events








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What's New

July 2–October 30, 2017

Total revision of the website

May 2017

Implementation of Picture File for Deceased Classmates by Company on the Search Page

January 2011 –December 2014

Major Project was the implementation of voting for the office of Class President

August 2010 –December 2012

Various modifications and page updates as requested by Classmates and Officers.  Provide Page by Page documentation of the Website to Executive Committee.  Provided support for voting for Class Constitution and By-Laws.

June 2010

Modified the Navigation Buttons to provide drop down submenus versus pop-out submenus for better browser and resolution compatibility.

Changed the publicly available Officers Page to not require a database Log In.  The Public version contains only Position, Name and Email Address.

March 2010

Completed capability for the 64 Cares project. New Link button on the Home Page and several new pages to support the Mission of the 64 Cares Project.

August 2009

Completed capability to vote on-line that included displaying candidate’s information from the database, their Comments and their Biographies.   Also allows for Voters to nominate a candidate or vote for the already nominated candidates.  Voters cannot vote twice.  The capability also encourages voters to update their records.  This also includes the ability to track on-line votes, totals and individual votes with cross checks to ensure vote count accuracy.

July 20, 2009/p>

Added Chat capability to allow Classmates toconverse with each other in real time without the cost of phone bills.   Evaluating upgrading to allow for Private Chat Rooms, control of bad language, removal of violators and other capabilities not available in the installed version.

July 14, 2009

Added Help file and links on each Page to a Help record for that Page. Currently the Help descriptions a rudimentary but will improve over time.

July 5-6, 2009

Modified Class President Election System in preparation for 2009 elections.

July 4, 2009

Modified The Navigation Buttons to provide a more organized access to the Web Site. Additionally, there are several new pages providing information not previously available or not available on the site.

June 13, 2009

Added counts of the Stats for statistical purposes.   Began a voting capability to support the President Vote scheduled in September.   Added various Message types for disseminating information (actually added in first six months of 2009).   Made numerous usability enhancements

April 22, 2009

Revised the look and feel of the web site to improve interest level and to make it more appealing to the eye.

October 15, 2008

Added capability to search for birthdays by oldest first, youngest first or by specific month. The latter search contains the ability to send a birthday greeting to a selected classmate by clicking on the email address of the classmate.

March 8, 2008

Corrected numerous bad links and other issues.

March 5, 2008

Rewrote Website, except Database Pages, to simplify it for maintenance with no loss of functionality.   Also added about 400 pictures from the Yearbook to individual records and updated the Status of some Class Members

February 25, 2008

Added capability to update Pictures (both Yearbook and Current) on the database.  Click on the picture in any page where it is displayed and link to the relevant picture update page.

February 19, 2008

Added capability to update Class Officers on the database versus hard coded.  Click on "List Class Officers" link on the main database page.

January 18, 2008

Added survey capability for the canvassing of Class Members.  Click on "Take Survey" link on the main database page.

November 3, 2007

Added mapping capability to the Class Member Detail Page. Click on "Map This Address" and a Google Map of the Class Member's Home Address is displayed.

July 19, 2004

Added Personal Calendar. You can enter a reminder for any date.  Multiple reminders per date are allowed. The Calendar is unique for each user.  View the Help File for more information.

June 22, 2004

Added capability for Class Officers to add and edit News articles without intervention from Webmaster.

January 23, 2004

Added Classmate pictures from Lucky Bag to Detail Pages

September 22, 2003

Changed Look and feel of Home Page

August 27, 2003

Added capability in Admin Pages to search by email address.   Added capability in Admin Pages to Update records with fewer page links

August 23, 2003

Added capability to list classmates by first letter of Last Name

May 9, 2003

Added Extensive Web Search capabilities to a new Web Search Page

April 15, 2003

Added additional query capabilities to database - email and home phone printable lists by company.

March 26, 2003

Added automatic forgotten Username and Password request response to Password page

March 9, 2003

Added capability to search by Status on Admin/Rep Search Pages.

March 7, 2003

Added capability to list 40th Reunion Company Reps on Admin Search Page.

March 5, 2003

Added capability to search for Spouse.

February 25, 2003

Added capability to print out details for Classmates by Company for Company Reps and Admins. This is in support of the 40th Reunion activities.

February 21, 2003

Modified Links Page to allow users to update, insert or delete a link, Also provide listing of related links (by category).

February 20, 2003

Modified Pages in the Database section to prepare for the 40th Reunion Reps usage.

February 16, 2003

Removed the Delete this Record Capability to prevent accidental deletes. Records can still be deleted by contacting me at

February 2, 2003

Added four fields to the record to be used for the 40th reunion: Military Info, Business Career, Family Info and Community Activities

January 6, 2003

Added more size to the Notes field on the personal record. Gives members ability to have more than 255 characters.

December 20, 2002

Modified the Info Page to make navigation easier by changing news items to a click/drop down style.

October 14, 2002

Moved site to new servers on for better service and support

March 10, 2002

Updated Opportunities Page

April 1, 2001

While the site may look much as it did, it has been completely rewritten so that the password capbility could be implemented. 

You will notice a completely different database presentation, although you should have all the capabilities that you had previously plus new capabilities.

You must now enter a Password and UserName.  You should have received complete instructions via email.  If not, or if you encounter problems, please email me at:

April 7, 2001

Corrected some linking problems, added new navigation bar to all pages except calendar.

April 8, 2001

Added Link to Tommy Holden Memorial Page with associated graphics received from Mike Chumer. Added Fulkerson message to Info Page.

April 12, 2001

Added automatic Current date to Updated Field in Update Pages. You no longer have to enter the Current Date manually.

Added alternate row colors to Listing Pages for easier viewing.

Added an additional search parameter to the Search Page: State

April 16, 2001

Added Zipcode search capability to the Database Search Page.

Made minor modifications to the Message Board.

April 22, 2001

Modified Listing and Detail pages to allow direct Email and Web Page access from Classmate information.

Fixed Insert and Delete functions on Admin Pages.

May 13, 2001

Modified pages for easier viewing in lower resoluions than 1268 X 1024

May 24, 2001

Added features for Admin Users (Officers).   Small redesigns of detail pages.

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