Tidewater Virginia Regional Chapter of
The Association of the United States Naval Academy
Class of 1964

Name:   Tidewater Chapter (TW 64)

Tidewater Virginia Regional Chapter, otherwise known as Tidewater Chapter or TW 64, was recognized by the USNA 64 Executive Committee (ExCom) after the 11 November 2009 meeting of TW 64 members.


Purpose: Fellowship and information exchange between USNA 64 ExCom and TW 64.




Regional Vice-President.


Raymond [Ray] T. Michelini succeeded Bill Carson as Chapter President at March 2017 meeting by members present.  Dick Robbins succeeded Ray Michelini as Chapter Assistant President.


Data Base. Ray Michelini [RMichelini@verizon.net]


Flower Fund. Ray Michelini and Dick Robbins [Each authorized as signer on NFCU checking acct.]


Rep to HRCUSNAAA . Dick Robbins


Membership [as of 31 Dec 2017]: Brian Arndt, Butch Ballback, George Black, Ernie Christensen, George Christian, Butch Christie, Al Creal, Jack Dantone, Bill Dell, Jim Doubles, Marcus Friedman, Waddy Garrett, Dave Gould, David Gray, Stu Johnson, Bruce Kastel, Mike Kenslow, Alex Krekich,  Bernie Maguire, Charlie Mann, Tom McFeely, John Meyer, Ray Michelini, Charles Moore,  Andy Murphy, Bob Nichael, Joe Prueher, Dick Robbins, Jay Russell, Joe Saul,  John [Pete] Taylor, and Gale Treiber.